courseMassage Masterclass – Level 2 Diploma

Ever wanted to learn the art of massage professionally? Maybe you want to make some extra money or maybe you want to learn for a loved one? Then this is the course for you!

In the duration of this in-depth 19 module course, you will learn a wide range of different massages and techniques, from Indian Head Massage through to Thai Foot Massage. You will also learn how the body’s systems are structured and how they are affected by massage and gain insights from experienced industry professionals as they take you on a journey around the body and around the world through China, Thailand, Sweden and India.

Each module and technique is supported with a great video tutorial to help you in your learning.

By the end of this incredible course, you will have gained the knowledge needed to be able to give a huge range of professional massages, either in a professional or home environment.

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What the course will teach you:

  • Introduction to massage therapy.
  • Anatomy of the human body.
  • Equipment, oils and safety.
  • How to engage and empathise with clients and understand their needs.
  • How to give patient consultations, and why this is essential before certain massages.
  • Much more..

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About Course

Massage Masterclass - Level 2 Diploma

Module 1 - Introduction to Massage Therapy

What massage therapy is and about the heritage/ traditions of massage therapy
How effective massage therapy can be as treatment and how it works
The different types of massages and the different techniques they use
What psychological and physical effects massage therapy has on the body
Plus much more...

Module 2 - The Anatomy

About human anatomy and what it means
All about the central nervous system and the role it plays in the body
About the structure of the skeletal system and where to locate specific parts of the body
About the different systems in the body
Plus much more...

Module 3 - Equipment

About the equipment that is used in massage therapy
How to use the equipment required for the job
The different types of oil that can be used
About the structure of massage tables and how to use them properly
Plus much more...

Module 4 - Listening Skills

The importance of communication and listening to your clients
Why listening is vital when delivering specific needs to your clients and ensuring you give them what they want
How to successfully conduct and partake in interviews
How to listen reflectively and how to empathise
Plus much more...

Module 5 - Techniques

What kind of massage techniques you can use throughout your career
About the different types of massage strokes that are used
What other types of therapies can be used alongside massage techniques
About reflexology and how to treat different parts of the body
Plus much more...

Module 6 - Eastern / Indian Head Massage

How to give an Indian/ Eastern head massage
The heritage and inspiration that this type of massage was invented from and why
How the upper body region works in synergy when giving a head massage
What to do after you have given a massage
Plus much more...

Module 7 - Facial Massage

Why you should always start with a consultation when giving facial massages
How to perform a skin analysis
About the need for cleansing
Video guide showing you how to perform a facial massage
Plus much more...

Module 8 - Back and Neck Massage

How to give a proper back and neck massage
The problems and symptoms that can cause back and neck problems or pain
The correct techniques to use when giving a massage on a person’s back or neck
How to satisfy clients who are in pain and need treatment
Plus much more...

Module 9 - Full Body Massage

What a full body massage is
About the 6 steps involved in performing a full body massage
What you should look to discuss in the initial client consultation
Video guide showing how to perform proper techniques
Plus much more...

Module 10 - Swedish Massage

About the history of Swedish massage
What happens in a Swedish massage session
The techniques required to perform Swedish Massage
A video tutorial guiding you through the whole process
Plus much more...

Module 11 - Sports Massage

What a sports massage is and what it encompasses
Why people will need sports massage therapy
How to give a proper sports massage
How to identify common problems in the anatomy associated with sports massage treatment
Plus much more...

Module 12 - Lomi Lomi Massage

What a Lomi Lomi massage is
Where the term originated and how it developed into popular culture
How to give a Lomi Lomi massage
How to fully understand the teachings and mantras of Lomi Lomi culture
Plus much more...

Module 13 - Anti-cellulite Massage

What cellulite is and how it is caused
How Anti-cellulite massage therapy works
How to give an anti-cellulite massage
What to avoid when giving an anti-cellulite massage
Plus much more...

Module 14 - Hot Stone Massage

What a hot stone massage is
How to give a hot stone massage
The benefits of a hot stone massage
What different techniques can be used
Plus much more...

Module 15 - Thai Foot Massage

How to give a Thai foot massage
About the history and efficacy of Thai foot massage
What to avoid when giving a Thai foot massage
The benefits of a Thai foot massage
Plus much more...

Module 16 - Pregnancy massage

The advantages this can give to pregnant women
Necessary precautions to ensure maximum safety for clients and yourself
Who should avoid pregnancy massage
An in depth look on how to give a pregnancy massage
Plus much more...

Module 17 - Medical Massage / Massage for Special Groups of People

The importance of being able to accommodate for special groups
How to give a medical massage to specific groups
How massage therapy can help different types of illnesses
Extra precautions that you may need to take
Plus much more...

Module 18 - Baby Massage

How to give a baby massage
What to avoid when giving a baby massage
How it can benefit both mother and baby
The techniques that should be used
Plus much more...

Module 19 - Aromatherapy

What aromatherapy is
How you can combine aromatherapy with massage
What essential oils are and how they work
What the most important oils in aromatherapy are

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