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Earn money through e-courses4you by becoming an affiliate. We currently have over 50 courses for sale, our Affiliate program will give you an opportunity to make money by providing our online courses via your own website!

A bit about our company

Our mission is to provide forward thinking training with you in mind wether you want to advance up the career ladder, are looking to start a new job, are thinking about a home based business or want to improve your general health and fitness, e-courses4you, will deliver you training to improve EVERY aspect of your life .

Our courses are provided by leading experts in their field for example we don’t just source any off the shelf course content, for example, our e-science programme was developed by an ex-Professor at Stanford who used to work with NASA!! , our celebrity partners include Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey and our business packages are partnered by Microsoft to bring you content which is not just average but outstanding!

Benefits of being an affiliate with us at e-courses4you

There are many benefits to being an affiliate of ours, here are just some:

Wiki_tick  Our courses are competitively priced so getting extra sales is nice and easy.
Wiki_tick  We have dozens of courses to suit a wide variety of consumers.
Wiki_tick  We are supportive of all of our affiliates, large or small.
Wiki_tick  We offer up to a massive 50% commission.
Wiki_tick  You can regularly check your sales stats.
Wiki_tick  We have dedicated account managers who will be able to support you.

How much money can you make?

By becoming an affiliate of ours, it has never been so easy to make money. Our courses are competitively priced to help you gain new customers. We are competitively priced more potential customers will be far more likely to purchase your products than the higher priced competitors. As well as this, we offer a great commission structure depending on the amount of discount given we offer up to 50% some of our courses!

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How to target new customers

The internet has come a long way over the last decade and the importance of learning ways to market your products has never been more important. There are thousands of potential customers over the globe who can easily be reached by following some key concepts and practices.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is now a key part of businesses who want to get noticed on the world wide web. In short, SEO is the art of optimising your site to be picked up by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. By looking at the phrases and keywords people search for the most, you will be able to use these on your site to reach a far larger target audience.

Social Media Marketing

There is a huge marketing material that is completely free-to-use, and that is social media marketing. By using social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can make an account and advertise your company and courses to a huge network of potential customers. There is even the option to purchase paid advertising so your advert can be seen by the thousands.

Web Advertising and Banners

Another way to gain potential customers would be to advertise on other, more popular sites in order to reel in more of an audience. Lots of popular companies will sell advertising space on their website. Other companies sell advertising space to Google, who then sell it on to companies and use strategic advertising to keep your advert being shown to the most relevant out of the bunch.

How does it all work?

After becoming an affiliate we will be able to supply you with embed codes for your website to allow you to sell our products. Simply put the code into your site and you will be able to sell straight away. The code will also monitor how many sales and how much commission you will be due. When it comes to getting paid you can put in a request to obtain the commission you have made, we’ll process the payment in full and send it via Bank Transfer, Cheque or Paypal.