Cupcake Academy (Spanish)

Este curso cargado de información está enfocado en pasteleros de tiempo libre que quieren las habilidades para hornear y decorar cupcakes. También es atractivo para aquellos que ya tienen las habilidades de pastelería peor quieren abrir su propia compañía de cupcakes, proveer deliciosos cupcakes a sus clientes con una elección de técnicas de decorado. £299

Start Your Own Photography Business

Have you always had a passion for photography but don't know what you need to run an efficient business as your full time job? Then this course is for you! Learn what it takes to turn your hobby into a lifestyle for only £299

Lawn and Garden Care - 6 Course Bundle

Learn how to properly care for lawns and gardens with our incredible course bundle. after you have learnt your new gardening skills, you will be learning what it takes to start a business! Take our 6 course bundle for just £249

Digital SLR Camera Photography

Learn how to master your Digital SLR Camera, whether you're a professional photographer or it's just a hobby - this course is for you! Enroll today for only £99

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Training Bundle

Learn everything you need to know to professionally plan memorable weddings for a living with our incredible 10 course bundle! Enroll for only £499

Photography & Photoshop All-In-One Bundle

Learn how to professionally photograph with your SLR Camera and how to edit with our incredible Photography & Photoshop All-In-One Bundle. Enroll today for just £1199

Sewing Essentials

Fancy starting a new hobby this year? Learn all the essentials involved in Sewing and even make your own clutch bag with this incredible course, just £300

Level 2 Sign Language Diploma

This course is perfect for anyone looking to learn Sign Language as a method of communication for either personal or business use. Get this in-depth course for just £200

Bicycle Maintenance

If you want to learn how to properly maintain and repair your bicycle then this course is for you! Take this great course and gain a new understanding of cycling for just £350


This online series covers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Yoga techniques. Whether you're just wanting to learn in your spare time or a pro already, this course will benefit you for just £399