courseLife Coaching & Hypnotherapy Certification Bundle

Learn everything you will ever need to know about Life Coaching and hypnotherapy with our incredible Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy Bundle

In the duration of this course you will learn NLP to improve your confidence and motivation and deepen your relationships. As well as this there are many models designed to give you the tools you need to overcome limiting beliefs, outdated and negative habits or debilitating fears.

How does it work?

All learning is unconscious. By a combination of modelling human behaviour and helping clients to access various unconscious representations of their personal reality through hypnosis and other means it is possible to bring about a profound shift in their conscious awareness and so ‘release’ them to be the best version of themselves. Behind these very successful, tried and tested NLP techniques is a great universal truth – We humans create our own reality from the inside out, using the three fundamental Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

In this groundbreaking eCourse developed by Master NLP Practitioner and Master Trainer of Hypnosis David Key, the lessons of NLP are brought forward, for the first time, into this new global understanding known as the Three Principles. The course teaches not only the many ways in which the human mind creates reality, (and how to change that reality for the better), but also the philosophical and spiritual underpinning of human experience.

This course bundle will give you the tools you need to communicate with a whole new level of confidence. It will improve your personal and professional relationships and teach you how to influence, negotiate with, lead and empower others. You will also gain a new understanding of Hypnotherapy and learn how to use these skills to to produce deeper levels of trance than you have experienced before and to blow away any preconceived ideas about accessing the true and unlimited power of your Unconscious Mind.

Hypnosis is a highly valued skill that many people desire. Lots of business leaders want to improve their visualisation skills and find a place in their mind where they can control their own state with little or no effort at all. Hypnosis allows you to reach a focal point that is an incredible 10,000 times greater than waking consciousness. This allows for faster learning, faster mind-body access, and faster access to Higher Self consciousness.

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What the course will teach you:

  • A marked improvement in personal confidence
  • Effortless presenting and leadership skills
  • Better relationships (with your partner, your boss, your friends, customers, children etc…)
  • Less stress, and an end to phobias and fears
  • Fine tune your rapport skills for building deeper and more meaningful relationships
  • Much more

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5 Day Classroom option available for £3000 - For more information on classroom and dates please contact our career team on our Contact Us page.

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Life Coaching


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Microsoft Windows XP, or later
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Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster
Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities (We recommend Google Chrome)

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