coursePhotoshop CS6 For SLR Photographers

Learn the right way to use Photoshop to digitally retouch your photos with our incredible course!

The Photoshop CS6 For SLR Photographers course is perfect for new and amateur photographers who want to learn how to use Photoshop CS6 software to edit and enhance photos.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know without going into a lot of unnecessary tools that photographers just don't need. This course is not just about theory, it is also about equipping you with the real world tools and information you will need to become confident at enhancing your images.

What is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing application featuring hundreds of tools & settings to assist designers reach their end vision. It can be used for (but is not limited to) editing photos, designing website layouts, brochure and other print design and much more!

The average time required to complete the course is 2 weeks part time (however you can take as long as you need as there is no expiry date on course access, you have unlimited lifetime access to the course)

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laptop-notebook-working-internetWhat the course will teach you:

  • The basics of Adobe Photoshop
  • The most used and essential tools
  • How to edit, save and open documents
  • How to design using type
  • Restore and correct photos
  • Hoow to use Adobe Bridge

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Units Of Study

Photoshop CS6 For SLR Photographers

The average time required to complete the course is 2 weeks part time (however you can take as long as you need as there is no expiry date on course access, you have unlimited lifetime access to the course)

Unit 1: Getting Started with Photoshop

Initial setup

How to change screen appearance
Photoshop modes
Adding tools
Common keyboard shortcuts
Other shortcuts

Selection tools

Marquee tools
Lasso tools
How to add colours

Cropping images

Tools to crop
Rule of thirds
Change modes
How to save images

Colour Balance

Which tools to use
Adjusting colour balance
Mid tones
How to preview
How to save file

Black and White images

Tools to use
How to enhance images
Using tint
Adjusting saturation
Save as a secondary file

Desaturate Colour

How to use the marquee tool
How to select over image
Which tools to use


How to improve images
Tools to use
Using levels window
Save a new image

Unit 2: Editing Images to enhance photos


How to adjusting images with curves
Tools to use
How to lighten an image
How to use channels

Hue Saturation

How to lighten and darken images
How to enhance image
Tools to use

Lasso and Darken

Adjusting image’s
Improving the image
Using lasso tool

Photo Filter

How to alter photos
Using different filters
Using layers
How to flatten image

Blur and Burn Tools

How to blur off a background
Or darken down background

Unit 3: Tips and tricks

Copy and Pasting Images

Which tools to use
How to move images
Saving images

Removing red eyes

Using tools and techniques

Replacing Colour

Tools to use
Selecting images

How to whiten teeth

Which tools to use
Setting tolerance levels

Fix droopy eye

How to fix droopy eye
Tools to use
Lasso tools

Patch Tools

How to fix up wrinkles
Remove blemishes minor scares on
Using the patch tool
Using the liquify Tool

Unit 4: Advanced Technique’s

Magazine Look

How to turn a good image into a magazine look
8 steps to follow

Adding Makeup

How to add
Steps to follow

Merging Images

Tools to use
Applying gradients

Pen Tool

How to use
The importance of the pen too
Pen tool selections

System Requirements

Minimum specifications for the computer are:


Microsoft Windows XP, or later
Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)


OSX/iOS 6 or later
Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

All systems:

Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster
Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities (We recommend Google Chrome)

Please note: Although this course will work with the system requirements stated above, the software talked about and used in the course may vary. It is recommended that you check with the software suppliers website before making a purchase.