courseThe Coding Mastery Bundle 2018

Learn gain a solid knowledge of C++, Python, Javascript, SQL & Machine Learning with our incredible 12 course bundle!

In this course collection, you will be taught how to program in several languages and how to use them to extract and analyse data.

Who is this course for?

This course collection is perfect for anyone who has an interest in computer programming and wants to learn how to to extract and analyse data using the most popular languages. You could be completely new to this and just want to learn for a hobby, or you could already have some prior knowledge but want to develop your skills further.

For those with a knowledge of HTML & CSS, this course bundle could be the best next step for you as it will teach you various new and relevant languages such as jQuery, Python and SQL.


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laptop-notebook-working-internetWhat the course will teach you:

  • Learn the basics of jQuery and jQuery Mobile
  • Discover Core Machine Learning Concepts & Build An Artificial Neural Network
  • Build a movie recommendation system in Python
  • Learn Intuitive Machine Learning Techniques by Exploring a Classic Problem
  • Use Python and the Twitter API to build your own sentiment analyzer
  • Go from beginner to intermediate level Python user
  • Apply Machine Learning techniques to Quant Trading
  • Understand the risks involved in regression and avoid common pitfalls
  • Learn best practices and the basics of SQL
  • Learn how to set up your C++ environment and delve into topics such as Loops, Arrays, Strings, and more!
  • Much More..

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Units Of Study


jQuery & JavaScript Basics

Course Duration: 5 hrs

In this jQuery & JavaScript Basics online training series, you will learn the basics of programming JavaScript™ and using jQuery which we’ve broken down into 2 sections.

jQuery Mobile

Course Duration: 1.5 hrs

With this jQuery Mobile training course, learn the options for local or remote file hosting, creating custom themes for your pages, how to navigate and transition between pages, and much more!

Deep Learning & Computer Vision: An Introduction

Course Duration: 2 hrs

Deep Learning & Computer Vision: an Introduction is the perfect course for students who want exposure to Machine Learning. This course will cover topics such as: Artificial Neural Networks, how to install Python, and Handwritten Digit Recognition.

Recommendation Systems in Python

Course Duration: 4.5 hrs

Recommendation Engines perform a variety of tasks, but the most important one is to find products that are most relevant to the user. Follow along with this intensive Recommendation Systems in Python training course to get a firm grasp on this essential Machine Learning component.

Machine Learning – Decision Trees & Random Forests

Course Duration: 4.5 hrs

This Machine Learning: Decision Trees & Random Forests online course will teach you cool machine learning techniques to predict survival probabilities aboard the Titanic – a Kaggle problem!

Twitter Sentiment Analysis in Python

Course Duration: 3.5 hrs

Sentiment Analysis, or Opinion Mining, is a field of Neuro-linguistic Programming that deals with extracting subjective information, like positive/negative, like/dislike, and emotional reactions.In this “Twitter Sentiment Analysis in Python” online course, you’ll learn real examples of why Sentiment Analysis is important and how to approach specific problems using Sentiment Analysis

Factor Analysis with Excel, R and Python

Course Duration: 1.45 hrs

Our ’Factor Analysis’ e-Learning course will help you to understand Factor Analysis and its link to linear regression. See how Principal Components Analysis is a cookie cutter technique to solve factor extraction and how it relates to Machine Learning. Supplemental Materials included!

Linear & Logistic Regression with Excel, R and Python

Course Duration: 5 hrs

Our ’Linear & Logistic Regression’ e-Learning course will teach you how to build robust linear models and do logistic regressions in Excel, R, and Python that will be automatically applicable in real world situations.

Quant Trading Using Machine Learning

Course Duration: 11 hrs

This ’Quant Trading Using Machine Learning’ online training course takes a completely practical approach to applying Machine Learning techniques to Quant Trading. The focus is on practically applying ML techniques to develop sophisticated Quant Trading models. From setting up your own historical price database in MySQL, to writing hundreds of lines of Python code, the focus is on doing from the get-go.

Apache Storm: Learn by Example

Course Duration: 4 hrs

In this ’Apache Storm: Learn by Example’ online course, you will learn how to use Storm to build applications which need you to be highly responsive to the latest data, and react within seconds and minutes, such as finding the latest trending topics on Twitter, or monitoring spikes in payment gateway failures.

SQL Server Development

Course Duration: 8.5 hrs

Learn SQL Server 2005 basics, best practices, dozens of targeted examples, and sample code. If you design or develop SQL Server 2005 databases, this video series is what you need to succeed!

C++ Primer

Course Duration: 1 hr

With this C++ Primer training course, presenter Wade Ashby gets you started with setting up an environment and then guides you through defining Variables and Constants. Next, Wade delves into topics such as Loops, Arrays, Strings, and more!

System Requirements

Minimum specifications for the computer are:


Microsoft Windows XP, or later
Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)


OSX/iOS 6 or later
Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

All systems:

Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster
Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities (We recommend Google Chrome)

Please note: Although this course will work with the system requirements stated above, the software talked about and used in the course may vary. It is recommended that you check with the software suppliers website before making a purchase.