Easy Angular Training Course for Beginners


Our Easy Angular Training Course bundle is here to introduce you to Angular 2, Angular 4, and Angular JS! 

With 11 hours of content across 3 courses, by the time you have finished you will be able to use and understand these popular development programs.

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Our Easy Angular Training Course bundle is here to introduce you to Angular 2, Angular 4, and Angular JS! 

With 11 hours of content across 3 courses, by the time you have finished you will be able to use and understand these popular development programs.

Courses Included:

Starting with Angular 4 (3 hours)
Angular 2 Crash Course with TypeScript (5 hours)
AngularJS For Beginners (3 hours) 

What is Angular?

AngularJS is a platform and framework, that is used for building single-page client applications using TypeScript & HTML. It is commonly referred to as ‘’Angular’’ or ‘’Angular.js’’. 

It is a JavaScript based open-source front-end web application framework. 

The New Angular 4

Included is the latest addition to the Angular range, Angular 4. It is the latest and most recently revamped version of Angular, that is backwards compatible with Angular 2. 

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What’s Included?

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Starting with Angular 4

Course Length: 3 HoursModule 1 – Welcome to Starting With Angular 4Course Introduction (1:29)
What is Angular? (1:26)
How this course works (1:56)
The Course Outline (1:05)Module 2 Let’s Get StartedSection Introduction (6:28)
What Do We Have Here? (8:38)
Angular Architecture (7:53)
From Scaffold to Application (1:22)
Section Summary (1:05)Module 3 – Angular ComponentsSection Introduction (4:06)
Create a Components Project (1:39)
Working with Components (5:28)
Section Summary (2:57)Module 4 – Angular Routing

Section Introduction’ (1:30)
Create a Routing Project (5:20)
Let’s Do Some Routing (8:06)
Section Summary (1:20)

Module 5 – Angular Services

Section Introduction (2:10)
Create a Services Project (6:05)
Start Building Services (7:01)
Wiring Services Up (4:02)
Accessing Services (8:46)
Service-Enabled Components (3:01)
Finalizing our Services Implementation (6:51)
Section Summary (1:40)

Module 6 – Angular Modules

Section Introduction (3:47)
Modules Defined (4:34)
Refactoring for Modules (4:54)
Finish our Modules Refactor (9:27)
Section Summary (4:04)

Module 7 – Styling Angular

Section Introduction (2:15)
Integrate the Module (4:05)
Style our Components (11:08)
Section Summary (1:06)

Module 8 – Directives & Pipes

Section Introduction (2:23)
Directives (6:05)
Pipes (2:45)
Section Summary (1:44)

Module 9 – Course Conclusion

Course Conclusion (1:45)
What Now? (1:44)
Final Comments (0:53)

Angular 2 Crash Course with TypeScript

Course Length: 5 HoursModule 1 – Introducing Angular 2Section Introduction (2:00)
Say Hello To Angular 2 (4:10)
How This Course Works (3:02)
Overview of the Course Project (2:00)
Section Summary (0:52)Module 2 – Pack Our LunchSection Introduction (0:59)
Why Typescript In Angular2 (3:56)
Getting the Cloud9 Online IDE (3:57)
Setting Up the Cloud9 IDE (2:02)
Setting Up The Course Project (8:06)
Using Angular 2 Modules (4:03)
Section Summary (1:26)Module 3 – Angular 2 ComponentsSection Introduction (1:14)
The Component Defined (2:23)
The Component Parts (4:52)
Tying a Component Together (1:59)
The App Component (4:28)
Bootstrapping An Angular 2 App (6:57)
Section Summary (4:00)Module 4 – Building Angular2 UI

Section Introduction (2:40)
The Component Template (5:47)
Create A Template (2:44)
The Directive Component (4:25)
Interpolation (4:08)
Angular2 Built-In Directives (9:27)
Section Summary (3:09)

Module 5 – Binding in Angular2

Section Introduction (1:47)
Property Binding (3:42)
Event Binding (3:49)
Data Binding (2:09)
Formatting Bound Data (3:20)
Section Summary (2:08)

Module 6 – Advanced Component Concepts

Section Introduction (2:18)
Interfaces and Components (5:08)
Styling Components (4:02)
Component Lifecycle Events (3:55)
Pipe Transform Interface (7:55)
Section Summary (3:11)

Module 7 – Component Composition

Section Introduction (1:58)
Parent-Child Components (5:10)
More Parent-Child Components (2:24)
Property Binding with Input (2:40)
Event Binding with Output (5:38)
Section Summary (2:13)

Module 8 – Services

Section Introduction (1:39)
Angular2 Dependency Injection (2:11)
Creating Services (3:14)
Using Services (2:55)
Service Injection (4:36)
Section Summary (2:03)

Module 9 – Web Services

Section Introduction (1:21)
Observables vs Promises (2:05)
Using Reactive Extensions (2:11)
HTTP Requests (6:14)
Implementing Observables (2:26)
Section Summary (2:04)

Module 10 – Angular 2 Routing

Section Introduction (5:27)
Route Configuration (3:17)
Routes and Actions (4:53)
Routes and Views (1:50)
Routes and Parameters (5:35)
Routes and Code (2:32)
Section Summary (4:07)

Module 11 – Setting up Angular 2 from Scratch

Section Introduction (0:28)
Configuring the Compiler (2:45)
Project Dependencies (2:57)
Core Libraries (0:53)
Section Summary (0:36)

Module 12 – Course Summary

Section Introduction (0:33)
Review of Concepts (1:37)
Beyond This Course (0:46)
Course Finale (1:22)

AngularJS For Beginners

Course Length: 3 HoursModule 1 – Course IntroductionCourse Overview
Final Project DemoModule 2 – Introduction to AngularIntro To Section 2
Overview of Angular
Environment Setup
MVC Architecture
Section 2 Recap
Section 2 QuizModule 3 – Angular Core Features OverviewIntro to Section 3
Modules And Dependency Injection
Two Way Data Binding
Routing – Setup
Routing – Implementation
Section 3 Recap
Section 3 QuizModule 4 – Intro To Grocery List App

Intro to Section 4
Grocery List Bootstrap Layout
Listing Grocery List Using ng-repeat
Beautifying Our List With Filters
Section 4 Recap
Section 4 Quiz

Module 5 – Easy Navigation In Grocery List Using Routing

Intro to Section 5
Setting Up Grocery List Routing
Implementing Grocery List Routing
Routing Parameters
Section 5 Recap
Section 5 Quiz

Module 6 – Adding, Updating & Deleting Grocery Items

Intro to Section 6
Abstracting Grocery Items Using Services
Adding Grocery Items
Debugging App Using Chrome Console
Generating Unique Grocery Entry ID’s
Updating Grocery Items – Part 1
Updating Grocery Items – Part 2
Form Validation
Deleting Grocery Items
Adding Custom Directives – Making Our HTML More Readable
Marking Grocery Items As Completed With ng-class
Section 6 Recap
Section 6 Quiz

Module 7 – Connecting Our App To The Cloud

Intro to Section 7
Loading Entries
Creating Entries
Updating Entries
Deleting Grocery Items
Section 7 Recap
Section 7 Quiz

Module 8 – Conclusion

Course Recap and next steps
Additional Resources
Closing Message

System Requirements

Minimum specifications for the computer are:


Microsoft Windows XP, or later
Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)


OSX/iOS 6 or later
Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

All systems:

Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster
Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities (We recommend Google Chrome)

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