PRINCE2® 7th Edition

September 2023 release.

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Evolution in Project Management – the new PRINCE2® 7th edition is now available. As we delve into the realm of PRINCE2® 7th Edition, brought to you exclusively by e-courses4you, it’s essential to understand what’s transforming in this latest iteration. While the foundational principles, themes, and processes remain constant, there are exciting developments that set the 7th Edition apart. E-courses4you is here to guide you through these changes, equipping project managers to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Introducing PRINCE2® 7th Edition by e-courses4you. Here at e-Courses we offer a full set of accredited project management courses, and we are focused on delivering a state of the art learning process and platform where you will be able to track your progress, login from multiple devices and study offline.

This is your opportunity to move up the ladder and understand project management with processes and methodology learned from the latest globally recognised qualification.

Renowned for its structured and adaptable approach, PRINCE2® has empowered countless individuals and organisations to effectively navigate projects of varying sizes and complexities. Now, a new chapter unfolds with the introduction of PRINCE2® 7th Edition, brought to you by e-courses4you, a leading provider of online educational resources.

Revamped Course Duration:

In response to the evolving needs of professionals like you, our PRINCE2® 7th Edition courses at e-courses4you boast a revamped duration. The Foundation course will span over three comprehensive days, providing you with an in-depth understanding of the methodology. For those aspiring to achieve the Practitioner level, we’ve condensed the course to an intensive two-day program, ensuring you’re well-prepared to excel.

The Essence of People Management:

At the core of PRINCE2® 7th Edition, e-courses4you introduces a groundbreaking focus on people management. In recognition of the pivotal role that leadership plays in project success, our courses now emphasize the significance of leading people and facilitating transformative changes. In a world where the human element is increasingly crucial, PRINCE2® 7th Edition equips you with the skills to navigate this terrain effectively.

Navigating Sustainability and Data:

As the global landscape evolves, sustainability and data management have become paramount. E-courses4you is at the forefront of this change, introducing new concepts within PRINCE2® 7th Edition. Sustainability management and data management are now integral components of the methodology, ensuring that you are well-versed in addressing contemporary challenges.

A Renewed Embrace of Agility:

In the 7th Edition, agility takes center stage, starting right from the Foundation Level. E-courses4you recognizes that adaptability is the key to thriving in today’s dynamic project management landscape. This renewed emphasis on tailoring equips you with the tools to foster agility in your project management approach, ensuring that you can respond effectively to shifting priorities and requirements.

At e-courses4you, we understand that project management is not static; it’s a dynamic journey filled with challenges and opportunities. PRINCE2® 7th Edition embodies this spirit of evolution, and we are here to guide you through it. As the project management landscape continues to transform, our courseIn the 7th Edition, agility takes center stage, starting right from the Foundation Level. E-courses4you recognizes that adaptability is the key to thriving in today’s dynamic project management landscape. This renewed emphasis on tailoring equips you with the tools to foster agility in your project management approach, ensuring that you can respond effectively to shifting priorities and requirements.

Join e-courses4you in embracing PRINCE2® 7th Edition, where tradition meets innovation, and where your journey toward project management excellence begins now.

The Foundation of PRINCE2®’s Legacy In the United Kingdom and beyond, PRINCE2® has left an indelible mark on project management. Major industry players including the top 13 industries below:

Government Agencies:

Many government agencies in different countries use PRINCE2® as a framework for managing public projects effectively.

Large Corporations:

Multinational corporations often require PRINCE2® certification for their project managers to ensure consistency and quality in project management practices.

Financial Institutions:

Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions often use PRINCE2® to manage various projects, from IT system upgrades to product launches.

Consulting Firms:

Management and IT consulting firms may require PRINCE2® certification for their consultants to provide standardized project management services to clients.

Healthcare Organizations:

Healthcare providers and organizations implementing large-scale projects, such as hospital expansions or IT system implementations, may use PRINCE2®.

Information Technology (IT) Companies:

IT companies often adopt PRINCE2® for managing software development projects and infrastructure upgrades.

Construction and Engineering Firms:

Companies in the construction and engineering sectors may use PRINCE2® to manage complex construction projects.

Telecommunications Companies:

Telecommunication providers use PRINCE2® for projects related to network expansion and technology upgrades.

Aerospace and Defence Companies:

Organisations in this sector use PRINCE2® for managing complex projects such as the development of new aircraft or defence systems.

Pharmaceutical Companies:

Pharmaceutical companies may use PRINCE2® for projects related to drug development, clinical trials, and regulatory compliance.

Energy and Utilities Companies:

Organisations in the energy and utilities sector use PRINCE2® for managing large-scale infrastructure projects.

Retail Companies:

Retailers may use PRINCE2® for projects involving store openings, supply chain optimisation, and IT system implementations.

Education and Training Providers:

Educational institutions and training providers often offer PRINCE2® training to individuals and professionals.

Notably, this methodology orchestrated the construction of Heathrow’s monumental Terminal 5 and orchestrated the intricacies of the historic London 2012 Summer Olympics.

Adapting to the Present and Anticipating the Future To meet the challenges of today and tomorrow head-on, PRINCE2® has undergone a thoughtful evolution, manifested in the 7th Edition. This update reflects an evolution rather than a revolution – an enhancement of an already indispensable project management methodology. PRINCE2® remains the reliable compass guiding projects to punctuality, financial precision, scope adherence, and unwavering quality.

A Fresh Perspective: PRINCE2® 7th Edition’s Novel Features PRINCE2® 7th Edition introduces novel elements that infuse new dimensions of guidance, catering to both individuals and organizations. While linguistic and content simplifications enhance accessibility, the notable changes include:

  1. A Comprehensive Introduction: The first chapter boasts an introduction that demystifies projects and project management, setting the stage for clarity and comprehension.

  2. The People-Integrated Element: Nestled at the core of the integrated elements (the 7 principles, 7 practices, 7 processes, and project context), this addition emphasizes the vital human aspect of project management.

  3. Innovative Management Approaches: Four new management approaches join the Project Initiation Documentation (PID): change management, commercial management, data management, and sustainability management.

  4. Expanded Performance Targets: In addition to established criteria such as benefits, costs, time, quality, scope, and risk, PRINCE2® 7th Edition introduces a performance target for sustainability.

Changes to the exams

The PRINCE2® Foundation exam pass mark has increased from 55% to 60% (36 out of 60 questions must be answered correctly). This raises the bar slightly for passing the baseline PRINCE2® Foundation certification.

The Practitioner exam has 70 questions increased from 68. The pass mark is also increased from 55% to 60%. The duration remains 2.5 hours. The questions are based on one of four new scenarios from the 7th Edition manual.


PRINCE2® Foundation


PRINCE2® Practitioner

PRINCE2® 6th Edition (Foundation or Practitioner)*
PRINCE2® 7th Edition Foundation
Project Management Professional (PMP)®
Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
Project Management Qualification (PMQ)
Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)
IPMA Level A® (Certified Projects Director)
IPMA Level B® (Certified Senior Project Manager)
IPMA Level C® (Certified Project Manager)
IPMA Level D® (Certified Project Management Associate)

Roots of Change and the Road Ahead Numerous factors have driven the evolution of PRINCE2®, acknowledging the shifts since its last iteration. Emerging technologies, environmental concerns, evolving ethics, changing consumer and corporate values, governmental regulations, remote and hybrid work practices – these dynamics have all contributed to the methodology’s refinement. Moreover, as soft skills like leadership gain prominence, the “people-integrated element” addresses these needs adeptly.

Empowering Organizations and Individuals PRINCE2® 7th Edition is not just a tool for individuals; it’s a transformational asset for organizations. This update fosters cross-functional collaboration, enhances communication, deepens stakeholder understanding, and nurtures a culture where change thrives harmoniously.

Embark on the Journey: PRINCE2® 7th Edition Launch The PRINCE2® 7th Edition is set to launch in September 2023, marking an exciting new phase in project management. E-courses4you is your partner in this endeavor, offering pre-sales for both Foundation and Practitioner levels.

Embrace the Future with E-courses4you As you eagerly anticipate the launch, e-courses4you extends a helping hand. Beyond pre-orders, their team is readily available to address your inquiries. Keep an eye out for a series of upcoming blogs that will delve deeper into the update, answering frequently asked questions and providing valuable insights into PRINCE2® 7th Edition.

In a world where change is the only constant, PRINCE2® 7th Edition, in collaboration with e-courses4you, stands as your guide through the intricate labyrinth of modern project management. Discover the evolution, embrace the future, and embark on your journey to project excellence.

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