Cyber Security Course

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and a few minutes of cyber-disaster to ruin it.” – Stephane Nappo

Every forward-thinking company appreciates the value of Cyber Security. Billions of dollars are lost every year from the activities of hackers and other cybercriminals. The ability to secure information and network systems from theft is crucial for success. Our Cyber Security courses are well-designed to help you to:

  • Understand the rudiments of Cyber Security and measures companies need to take to bolster its security infrastructure
  • Generate effective information protection methods to increase companywide security
  • Understand malware, its types and case studies
  • Master the skills to safeguard your network.

Safeguard your company’s best-kept secrets and improve its overall efficiency. Register for this course today.

The Ultimate Cyber Security 15 course bundle ( CEH, CompTIA, CHFI and more )

The Ultimate Cyber Security 15 course bundle is here to give you an in-depth understanding of Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking. Do you want to learn to hack systems like black-hat hackers and secure them like security experts? Well this course is for you!

e-Courses4you are here to bring you this bundle of 15 courses that give you the opportunity to earn many Official and well recognised and in-demand qualifications including CEH, COMPTIA, CHFI and many more. Keep reading to learn more about this epic course bundle!

CompTIA Cyber Security 4 course Bundle

Do you want to work in the ever-growing and changing field of Cybersecurity? If so, you will need to earn the relevant qualifications and certifications to verify your abilities and get a job in the Cyber industry.

CompTIA are the leading certifying body for IT Security, giving you the exams you need to start your career. In our CompTIA Cyber Security 4 course bundle (updated for 2020), you will get thorough comprehensive preparation to sit 4 of the crucial CompTIA exams: 

  • Security+
  • CySA+
  • CASP
  • PenTest+

After passing all of these exams, you will have a full and complete skill set that will make you an invaluable addition to any company or organisation.

CompTIA Cyber Security Bundle

Our CompTIA Cyber Security Bundle is here to bring you 3 of the most popular CompTIA Courses.

Included are the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner,  CompTIA CySA+, and the CompTIA PenTest+.

Sign up now and get exam ready!

Cyber Security Master Bundle

Do you want to become a Cyber Security master?

With our Cyber Security Master Bundle – You can learn how to detect, respond, and prevent cyber incidents. Get in-depth knowledge of Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, Cryptography and much more. Demand for Cyber Security professionals is outpacing supply, with new positions opening daily all over the world, the opportunities are endless!

Wireless Hacking for Cyber Professionals

Dive into the field of Cyber Security with this ’Wireless Hacking for Cyber Professionals’ training course. You will learn wireless hacking terminology and how to use these skills to become a paid security professional. Get started now with topics such as advanced wireless security, Wifi Pineapples, Bluetooth scanning, and so much more. Length: 1.5 hrs

Incident Response for Cyber Professionals

Dive into the field of Cyber Security with this ’Incident Response for Cyber Professionals’ training course. You will learn how to use open source tools for incident response purposes by building a foundation in topics such as: cloud security, disaster recovery, honeypots, firewalls, and so much more. Length: 3.5 hrs

Ethical Hacking: Cyber Anonymity

Dive into the field of Cyber Security with this ’Ethical Hacking: Cyber Anonymity’ training course. You will start by understanding network anonymity by using tools such as Tor, Tortilla and Proxy Chains. By the time you’ve completed this course, you will know all about IP Spoofing, MAC Spoofing, email security, and more. Length: 2.5 hrs


e-Course4You is an official BCS licenced centre     REQUEST A CALL BACK FROM A SPECIALIST   ECDL Description: Created and designed personally by Industry Experts, the ECDL (European Computer Driving License) courses were created to expand understanding and knowledge on how to use a computer and in-demand technology. This is a globally accredited IT […]

McAfee Total Protection 5 years 1 device

It’s more than just antivirus software—it’s peace of mind

At McAfee, we protect what matters – you. We protect over 600 million devices with award-winning antivirus, but understand that you need a solution that protects your personal info, privacy, and helps you navigate safely online.

  • Award Winning Antivirus Software: Defend against viruses and online threats with a combination of cloud based and offline protection for your privacy, identity and your devices
  • Bank, Shop and Browse Safely: Sidestep cyber and malware attacks before they happen with clear warnings of risky websites, links and files
  • Easily Secure and Manage Your Password: With Password Manager, enjoy secure and convenient access to all your logins with a browser based password manager that generates and memorizes secure passwords for you
  • Protect Your Privacy with File Encryption for PCs: Place your sensitive files under lock and key quickly and easily with 256 bit file encryption for added security, with File Lock
  • Free Customer Support: Get free customer support via phone, chat or online (type in your internet browser: with your annual subscription
  • Easy To Install: Once you received your product code, type in your internet browser, then entre your code and install your product