Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Exam


Our Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) qualification is here to help you build your digital media skills using Adobes Creative Cloud web and graphic design software.

Being an Adobe Certified Associate can give you the inside track to work in the creative fields of web design, marketing, video production and much more. 

As an ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) you gain recognition as someone who has the qualification and has the skills needed to build, design, maintain and plan effective and creative solutions using a variety of the most popular digital tools available. 

You can become an ACA in Visual Design using Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Design& Illustration using Adobe Illustrator, and many more software’s.


Adove Certified Certificate

The ACA curriculum has been developed by top-tier educations and industry experts, which is designed for those using Creative Cloud applications in a professional setting. The curriculum has been developed to address the knowledge and skills needed to start a career in digital media, and give you the qualification and recognition you need. 

Real-world standards and credibility

Test-design specialists, educators, and industry experts have worked with Adobe to identify the foundational knowledge needed for careers in digital media and to define proficiency in Creative Cloud applications. 

Included in the ACA are 50 minute performance based exams, with realistic scenarios and use in-app tasks. These reflect on how professionals approach creative projects and utilise Adobe software, and let candidates show their understanding of core product features and capabilities. 

Exams are administered in Certiport Authorised Testing Centres and are rigorously reviewed. 

Get certified in one of the following:

Visual Design using Adobe Photoshop

Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator

Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign

Digital Video using Adobe Premiere Pro

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects

Multiplatform Animation using Adobe Animate

Web Authoring using Adobe Dreamweaver

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